Kyneton Golf Club - A Brief History

The Kyneton Golf Club was founded in 1900 and an 18-hole course was prepared on a site at “Three Chain Road”, Kyneton. In 1909, the club moved to a more suitable site off the Baynton Road, and play commenced here on April 17th 1909.

The course which was built here was only 9 holes but remained in use until 1928. At that time 115 acres of land was leased near the site of the original course alongside the Calder Highway. An 18 hole course was designed and constructed and play began in May 1929.

The club was forced to find a new site in 1949 as the leased land was sold at auction and the club was unable to match the price offered by the successful bidder. Fortunately, the club was able to buy 152 acres of suitable land on the west side of Blackhill Rd.

The well known course architect Vernon Morcom was commissioned to design the course which he did in early 1950. Morcom was an excellent choice as he had been involved in the design and construction of many famous courses including Kingston Heath, Victoria, Spring Valley, Barwon Heads and many others. Using Morcom’s design and voluntary labour the course was built and first opened for play on 13th May 1950.

The clubhouse from the previous course (and possibly before that) was transported and rebuilt on the new site. The club remains at the Blackhill Road site to the present day.